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SocialForest is a social enterprise dedicated to forest management and the carrying out of forestry jobs. Our main focus lies on the training and social integration of unemployed youngsters at risk of social exclusion. We offer forestry services for private, as well as for public institutions in Catalonia and Germany.  A sustainable vision of forestry and a collaborative and social conception of vocational training, are key factors of SocialForest’s mission.

The initiative’s origin lies in the approach to use sustainable forestry as a tool of social inclusion. Furthermore, SocialForest is driven by making every effort to support clean and cheap energy while at the same time protecting nature and the environment. We aim to establish a culture of forestry in society and to make people aware of the woods’ great value as a natural resource, energy source and weapon in the fight against climate change.

The Social Entrepreneur Joachim Englert, who founded SocialForest, loves to think back to when he came up with the idea to initiate this project:

“From an early age I have always been interested in the forest as well as helping other people. My first social project related to the woods was the construction of a woodland nature trail with street children in Brazil in the year 2000. Afterwards, from 2004 until 2012 in Barcelona, I collaborated on various social projects with socially excluded groups of people, such as drug addicts or prisoners, training them in forestry work. Due to a continuous restlessness and the urgent desire to create a social project to my own taste, I became a freelancer in 2013. When my project idea was awarded by the social foundation “La Obra Social de la Caixa”, this long-cherished dream became a reality: SocialForest was born.”

At SocialForest we care about environmental protection and the people standing behind the project. Team work, mutual confidence and a relaxed and friendly working atmosphere are crucial parts of SocialForest. Get to know our team! 

  • Jordi Altimira – 44 from SANTA PERPÈTUA DE MOGODA, Spain
    Jordi Altimira – 44 from SANTA PERPÈTUA DE MOGODA, SpainForestry worker and driver

    Jordi is one of our forestry workers. Besides all the tasks he carries out in the woods, he also drives the SocialForest cars. He likes the pleasant and warm working atmosphere within the SocialForest team and is very happy to be able to spend a lot of time in nature. Moreover, he hopes that SocialForest will assist him in his plans to extend his activities to other European countries, as he would love to get the chance to work abroad with SocialForest.

    • Joan Durán – 23 from Terrassa, Spain
      Joan Durán – 23 from Terrassa, SpainResponsible for logistics, forestry worker

      Another forestry worker at SocialForest is Joan. He participated in one of our training projects and became part of the SocialForest family afterwards. In 2016 he had the opportunity to spend some time with SocialForest in Germany which was a great experience for him. He worked hard and learned a lot during this time and had the chance to get to know how forestry is done in another country.  One of the most important things for him is camaraderie which, as he says, is indeed ivery present at SocialForest. “Because of this we are able to do such a good job and one feels valued professionally as well as personally.”

      • Said Ait Daoud – 22 from Marocco
        Said Ait Daoud – 22 from MaroccoEncargado de un grupo de trabajadores en el bosque

        In 2011, Said came from Morocco to Barcelona. Later, in 2015 he became part of the SocialForest team and is responsible for one of the operational forest teams today. He likes the vision of SocialForest and that the company gives him the opportunity to work and also teaches him and other young people. He says that he is motivated to give his very best every day to help SocialForest be successful. “I am really proud to be part of this.”

        • Alex Ralita Álvarez – 37 from Barcelona, Spain
          Alex Ralita Álvarez – 37 from Barcelona, SpainCoordinator of forestry projects, trainer

          Alex has been part of the company since September 2014. As head of forestry projects and trainer, he is managing and organising all the technical and operational side, as well as training and education related matters in the company. He loves being able to help our workers and students reach their professional goals at SocialForest. “I appreciate working towards a common goal in a team, instead of following old hierarchical rules.” Moreover, he is eager to modernise the forestry sector with SocialForest’s progressive vision of forestry work.

        • Janina Gach – 23 from Wolnzach, Germany
          Janina Gach – 23 from Wolnzach, GermanyAdministration, communication

          Janina has been part of the SocialForest team since October 2016. The Bavarian International Management student wants to make a change to create a better world. That is also the reason why she applied for an internship at SocialForest and stayed in the company afterwards. Now she is responsible for the social media management, planning new projects in Germany and trying to analyse and optimise the company’s processes.

        • Sergio Gámez Cano – 24 from Les Planes de Sant Cugat, Spain
          Sergio Gámez Cano – 24 from Les Planes de Sant Cugat, SpainLeader of an operational forestry team

          Sergio is head of one of the operational forestry teams. He ensures that all the hard work in the woods is carried out in a professional way. Sergio is very motivated to have an active part in the team and to learn more about forestry and the environment every day. With his work he wants to contribute to the company’s success so that the project can grow in the future. We are very proud that we have found such a valuable employee for SocialForest.

          • Joachim Englert, 41 from Balingen, Germany
            Joachim Englert, 41 from Balingen, GermanyFounder of SocialForest, Coordinator of projects and security matters and Forest Coach

            Joachim is the coordinator of projects and security, as well as Forest Coach (trainer). By founding SocialForest his dream came true: he was able to combine two of his greatest passions – forests and helping others, while at the same time creating a positive impact for people and the environment. For him, being a (social) entrepreneur means embarking on a big adventure full of emotions and challenges. “It is not always easy, but very motivating!”


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