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“My name is Simone, I’m 21 years old and I’m currently in my third year studying International Culture and Business Studies, in Passau, Germany. After I finished my semester abroad at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, I had three more months in Barcelona during which I wanted to do an internship in a social enterprise, before I had to return to Germany. My friend Janina was doing her internship at SocialForest at that time, so I got in touch with SocialForest’s founder Joachim in January. I started working there shortly afterwards, in February.


I was working in communication, social media, company organisation and cost control.

Most of my time was dedicated to social media management. I published blogs on the company’s website, created a youtube account with sustainability, social entrepreneurship and forestry related playlists and posted relevant content about these fields on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+.

In addition to the office work, I had the opportunity to attend the Biomass Exhibition in Vic and the Premios de Excelencia Energética 2017 presentation in which SocialForest was honoured as a socially responsible enterprise.

What was most important for me during my internship, was the possibility to get some insights into how a social enterprise works and operates. I wanted to contribute to the company’s success. SocialForest gave me the possibility to work very independently and proactively. I was able to propose my own ideas and participate in the general workings of the company. I experienced how much work and effort is needed to start and manage a social enterprise and which factors you should always bear in mind. After this experience and because I really liked the working atmosphere, I can say that I definitely want to work in a social enterprise after finishing my studies. It’s just amazing how everybody is so motivated and proud to be part of something that creates real value for society.

During the two months at SocialForest, I have grown personally and professionally. I have expanded my knowledge on climate change, environmental protection and sustainability by researching and reading a lot of articles on that topic that I then posted on SocialForest’s social media channels. Moreover, by working very independently, I had the possibility to discover my strengths and weaknesses. I now definitely feel better prepared for my professional future.



For all these reasons I really recommend doing an internship at SocialForest: the working atmosphere is very relaxed, interns are treated with equal respect like the normal employees and you get some very deep insights into how a social enterprise works.

Thank you so much, SocialForest, for the amazing experience in such a short period of time!”


SocialForest would also like to thank Simone for her excellent work and the great help she was in the company during these two months. All the best for you, Simone!

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