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In this blog we would like to inform you of another collaboration. We are now cooperating with Barberà Inserta, a social enterprise in Barberà de Vallès´s city council.. This alliance came about due to a collaboration contract, as we are jointly carrying out social integration projects.



Barberà Inserta – Who are they?

Barberà Inserta (SL) is a public social enterprise that integrates people at risk of social exclusion and unemployment into the world of work. They offer gardening and forestry services, maintenance and caretaker’s work, as well as cleaning and painting jobs which are carried out by these people in need from Barberà de Vallès. They aim to build a bridge to integrate these people into the normal labour market. They help those who are in the highest need of support or cannot escape their vulnerable situation or long-term unemployment.

Their mission contains the following objectives:

  • Favouring the work integration of people at risk of social exclusion from their community through improving employability.
  • Developing the offered services as the best tool for social inclusion.
  • Creating new guidelines for generating job opportunities.




Why is SocialForest collaborating with Barberà Inserta?

Like Barberà Inserta, SocialForest is also dedicated to the integration of people into the world of work. Our objective with this collaboration is that the alliance will increase the social impact of both entities, similar to the cooperation with Fundación Exit and Fundación Adsis in the Passwork Project. We intend to gather together small companies and institutions to leverage the effect of our work.  As we all share the same goal of the inclusion of people finding themselves in a vulnerable or precarious situation, we want to be pulling in the same direction and joining our capacities, talents and contacts to create a powerful network that can make a real change. In this way, we can achieve more than if everybody were to fight for themselves.


How does the collaboration between SocialForest and Barberà Inserta work?

We established a collaboration contract that regulates how SocialForest carries out Barberà Inserta’s forestry projects. They contract the people for the forestry work and we conduct the actual project together with the recruited workers. In the first collaboration, three jobless youngsters with experience in the forestry sector, worked in a reforestation project in the Parc Natural de Sant Llorenç del Munt i l’Obac in the Diputació de Barcelona. They planted 600 Pinus Nigras and built a protection fence under the supervision of one of our SocialForesters. The company Fitor Forestal  provided the material for the fence.




This was an incredibly positive experience: We finished the work within the given time frame and our client –Diputación de Barcelona – was very satisfied with the quality of the work and our companies´ symbiosis.

This year we are going to carry out at least two more projects within this alliance. We are planning two longer projects with eight participants.


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