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Last week we presented SocialForest at the fair Fira de Biomassa de Catalunya in Vic. Through this blog we would like to explain the events of these days and point out the importance of biomass as a future energy source.

The opening of the fair

The fair started Thursday, 23rd of February 2017. The fair was opened around 10 o’clock by Vic’s mayoress Anna Erra, the general director of Forest, Montserrat Barniol and ValentíJunyent, the delegate of the department “EspaciosNaturales y Medio Ambiente” of the Diputación de Barcelona, . They welcomed all the 87 exhibitors that were presenting their new inventions, products and concepts in the biomass and forestry sector as well as to the open public, interested in this renewable energy resource.



SocialForest’s participation

We had our booth in a big space with other entities of the Clúster de la Biomassa. TheClústeris a non-profit association which represents the professional biomass sector in Catalonia. It promotes the sustainable use of the Catalan biomass energy. At the fair, we presented the Clúster and SocialForest as a first-tier company in the biomass production process. Although we do not produce biomass on our own, we consider ourselves to be part of this sector for various reasons: First of all, as already mentioned, our forestry work is the first step of biomass production. Moreover, we promote this type of clean energy by spreading knowledge and educating youngsters in this field. Our vocational training does not only consist of forestry knowledge and skills, but also includes profound knowledge of environmental protection, carbon dioxide fixation and the use of renewable energy. We believe that it is very important for us to be present when this sector gathers together and take part in the discourse and the development of forestry work related to biomass.


Biomass as a future energy source

We believe that biomass can play a very important role in the promotion of clean energy to combat climate change. It is a “carbon neutral” energy source which means that the emission of CO2 released when you burn the pellets, is equal to the amount of carbon that is absorbed by living and growing trees. It is important to note that only growing trees are capable of storing CO2. Once they are mature and start to decay they will start to release the absorbed CO2 again. This is the reason why sustainable forest management and biomass production has the great potential to improve the world’s carbon balance. To get more information on this topic, we recommend reading our latest blog about CO2 fixation. Currently only available in Spanish, Catalan and German, but soon to come in English.)Therefore with the assistance of a sustainable forest management, biomass is a renewable energy source, as the forest is made up of renewable raw materials; trees. It is necessary though to bear in mind that only with a smart combination of various renewable energy sources such as solar, wind and water energy, we will be able to satisfy the world’s energy demand in a sustainable way. If biomass was the only source of energy in the future, it would no longer be possible to produce it sustainably.



Biomasa de Cataluña Awards

This year SocialForest designed and made the trophies for the Biomasa de Cataluña Awards. The winners of the first categories were given their awards Thursday evening as part of the fair. The objective was to honour companies, public and private entities and local authorities that have carried out remarkable projects to promote and use biomass in a sustainable way in Catalonia. There were various categories in which the participants could win, e.g. entrepreneurship and employment, best final Bachelor’s or Master’s project, best communication and diffusion action, best investigation project. We congratulate all the winners on their great work and hope that our trophies, manufactured with love, will motivate them to continue in this important field of action with the same amount of dedication, ambition and optimism.


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