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This week we would like to present you all the numerous benefits the woods are providing us with. Probably you are already aware of some of them, but certainly you will be surprised of the variety of profits originated from forest.

We can gain economic profits out of the forest which many people earn their living from. These economic profits can come from wood and non-wood products. Moreover, the forest supplies indirect services that are decisive for the environment and finally also for us humans. But there are also social benefits that many people underestimate.

Wood products

You can categorize the wood products into two classes. There is firewood and wood to process. The latter is used to produce serrated wood, panel, wood pulp, paper, splinter or boards.



Non-wood products

Apart from wood, there are lots of other products origining from the forest and green spaces. First of all, there are the remaining parts of the trees, such as resin, roots, flowers, oils, bark and fruits. Second, you can also exploit other ressources in the woods that are not trees. These contain mushrooms, edible and medical plants, honey, olives and other berries and fruits, cork, carbon, rubber, fertil soil and other ressources as well as grazing space and an surroundings for recreation and tourism.

But herewith we would like to stress that you should always conduct a very sustainable forest management when exploiting these natural woods products. You never want to take out more ressources than are reproduced. We do not want to reduce the forests’ area, but expand it, so that future generations will still be able to make good use of the woods’ benefits. 


Social benefits

The forest does not only give us products we can not sell and trade with, but it also offers important social services for our society. Firstly, we want to make you aware of the fact that forests and its management and conservation create many job opportunities. Forestry is a very big business sector that employs around 10 million people formally and aproximately 30-50 million informally in devoloping countries. The forest also is our clostest ally in training and integrating young people. They learn, grow and work in its green spaces, an open-air classroom and working place with a unique and very favourable atmosphere.


Moreover, they have a great impact on our health and well-being. Many people go the woods, the natural park, their picnic areas and trekking trails to relax, do sports and to enjoy nature. There is even a high number of people living in or close to forests.

Another important factor ist that many cultural and spiritual sights are hidden in woods and forest landscapes, as for instance maya and inca ruins in South and Central America. In the woods they are well protected and can be conserved many years.

Due to the forest’s environmental benefits, it plays an important role in combating climate change and therefore adds significant value to our daily life without us noticing it. We have clean and oxygen rich air thanks to the forests filtering the air and fixing CO2. Furthermore, by their influence on soils and the hydrative circle, they make our soils fertile and water clean. And a hot summer can only be beared thanks to the cooling function of our forests. These are only some examples of the various environmental services our woods provide us with for free. The list goes on…. If you want to know more about this topic, visit our website’s social and environmental impact part.



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