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Social integration and training of youngsters
at risk of social exclusion.

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 Environmental Impact

Sustainable forestry with a positive effect
on woods and our environment.

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Thanks to our social and environmental impact ...

… we are able to contribute to lowering state and tax money expenses with our social and environmental impact. This is achieved via two approaches: We enable young people to live more independently from their parents and the public social care system by offering them professional training and a place to work. Thanks to our work, the public health care system can also cut down on lots of their expenses. Young people’s worry and stress about their future is reduced and we see a rise in their sense of well-being, as they are more equable and in better shape due to the physical movement and hard work in nature. This leads to fewer doctors appointments and a lesser need for medication. Moreover, we reduce the risk of forest fires through sustainable forest management and fire breaks. Due to these measures the Catalonian administration can save a lot of money, which otherwise would have to be spent on fire extinction and damage limitation.

You can help SocialForest increase its social impact by sponsoring one of our youngsters or by making a small donation to our project.

Every euro invested, will help us...

  • combat climate change more effectively by increasing the amount of managed forest expanses and in doing so, making the trees fix more carbon dioxide.
  •  foster the youngsters’ personal and professional development and therefore contribute to our society’s well-being and stability.

Or to be more precise, every euro will help us carry out one of these activities:

With an investment of 1€, 5€, 10€, 15€ or 20€ you can have the following impact:

SocialForest S.L.

IBAN: ES36 2100 1010 5302 0021 3226


Thank you for your contribution and your effort to improve the state of our forest and young people’s lives together with SocialForest.

For every donation you will be granted a certificate confirming the social and environmental impact that YOU have made.

To thank you for your kind help you will be invited to an event for everybody contributing to the project, where you will have the opportunity to visit the forests we manage and get to know our work.

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