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Ecosystem Services of the Forest

Ecosystems comprise numerous biotic as well as abiotic interactions and processes such as decomposition, nutrient cycles, biomass production and energy flow. The interrelations and interdependencies are extremely extensive and complex. A disturbance of the stability or health of an ecosystem therefore has far-reaching and often devastating effects, including on humans. According to a 2015 report […]
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The Green Employment Project – Social Forest’s proposition

This month, our estimated forest engineer Àlex Ralita went on a trip to the Basque region. While he usually acts as our expert for the technical aspect of our work, on the 31st of January he went to present Social Forest in a Green Employment project. The Euskadi government, specifically Lanbide, the Department of Employment, […]
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Sponsoring a forest: TMC on CSR projects carried out with Social Forest

Social Forest is dedicated to caring for forests through sustainable forestry. Since the well-being of our planet and the people living on it affects us all, it is everyone’s responsibility to take care of it. In this blog entry we explain why forest management is so important, what Social Forest does about it and how […]
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PYMES and SDGs: The Path of Sustainable Development

What are SDGs? The SDGs – Sustainable Development Goals – these are the core guidelines to achieve a sustainable development that leads towards ‘peace and prosperity for people and the planet’. These core goals, manifested in the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development, are supported by all United Nations Member States, as declared in 2015. The […]
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A Burning Planet – The Problem with Forest Fires

The whole world has had their eyes on Australia for a while now. Pictures and videos of people’s fight against the fires and animals’ struggle for survival have moved all of us. The bushfires there have killed at least 33 people and more than a billion animals, whilst severely damaging the ecosystem. The Australian bushfires […]
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