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This year we signed up as one of 700 enterprises to participate in BBVA Momentum, a strategic accompaniment programme for social entrepreneurs. We are delighted to announce that we are one out of 86 lucky winners that were selected to take part in this programme. In this blog, we would like to tell you more about Momentum, its selection phase and what is awaiting us now.

Momentum – The Programme

BBVA Momentum is a programme that provides social enterprises with strategic accompaniment, financing, training, visibility and collaboration and networking opportunities. BBVA bank supports the selected enterprises during seven months of training and accompaniment with the aid of specialised mentors assisting the participants with their knowledge and experience. BBVA will help those social enterprises who they believe will make the greatest social impact.


The programme not only makes faster business growth  possible by providing them with access to financing opportunities, but also adds real value by accompanying and training them in the fields of company strategy and management. Moreover, in this sixth edition of BBVA Momentum, specialists in human resources, marketing, communication, finance, engineering, legal affairs, web design and user experience will be at the participants’ disposal for specific consultations and inquiries with a response rate of less than 48 hours.

Additionally, the selected social enterprises will have the possibility to interconnect, network and create collaborations with each other to increase their social impact.

Selection and SocialForest’s participation

During the subscription period more than 700 entrepreneurs from Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Turkey and the United States signed up for the BBVA Momentum programme. Almost half of them (40%) are – just like us – dedicating their work to the social inclusion of disadvantaged people. The first step was to filter out the companies complying with the criteria of social impact, growth, innovation and sustainability. An expert jury selected those among the initiatives that had the greatest social impact and sustainability.


Then, the candidates were evaluated by a local jury that consisted of experts specialising in the management of SMEs, risk assessment and responsible business development. They made rankings of the most promising social enterprises which were then used to pre-elect finalists.

Afterwards, the selected entrepreneurs participated in local workshops where they had to answer the jury’s questions and defend their projects and also had the possibility to take part in a training session and network with the other social entrepreneurs. The workshop we participated in, took place on 11th of May in the Impact Hub Madrid.  A location where social impact is supposed to be created through people with a common vision, working together on collaborative projects.

At the end of May, we received the incredible news that SocialForest had been selected to take part in the sixth edition of BBVA Momentum – to be started right away. On the 1st of June, we were already participating in the first online training session.



What is expected of us and what we are expecting now?

We consider, having the possibility to participate in such a programme, as a huge opportunity to improve and grow our project SocialForest. We are delighted and highly motivated to get started.

We have already participated in the first online training session which takes place once a week during the seven months that the programme lasts. They are organised and conducted by the Financial Times | IE Business School Corporate Learning Alliance. Moreover, we will take part in three training sessions in Madrid.

This will be accompanied  by forums, assignments and video conferences. We are very excited to participate in all these.

We hope that with the aid of BBVA Momentum, our company will be able to grow and therefore increase our social impact. We hope that this programme will help with the financial and liquidity issues we are currently facing as well as with the professionalisation of our business, so that we can continue offering our clients a high-quality service.




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