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On 7th March, the Catalonian Institute of Energy handed over the Premios de Excelencia Energética (Energy Excellence Awards) in the National Museum of Science and Technique of Catalonia in Terrassa for the fifth time. SocialForest was present as a candidate in the category sensitization.

In this blog, we would like to inform you about the Premios de ExcelenciaEnergética’s objectives and about who this year’s winners were.



The objective of these awards is to recognise companies and institutes that have carried out projects or outstanding activities in the fields of energy saving, energy efficiency, promotion of renewable energy and new technologies.

In 2017, the Premios de Excelencia Energética were subdivided into seven categories. Apart from the categories; action, local scope, energy efficient building renovation, electric mobility, internationalisation and career, there was also the category sensitization. This category focussed on companies, public and private institutes, as well as local authorities that stand out for their activities and work in the field of awareness raising, energy savings, energy efficiency and renewable energy. At SocialForest we are very aware of the importance of an informed society on climate change and renewables. We therefore applied to be in this category.


Francesc Mauri i Domènech, meteorólogo y presentador de televisión catalana, presentó la ceremonia



The jury that chose the winners of the awards was composed of members of the government as well as representatives from the business and academic world. Wattia Olot won the price in the category ‘Action the Project’ “La xarxa espaviladad’ Olot” which was presented by the Municipality of Olot and the UTE Gas Natural Servicios -. SUD Energías Renovables was the winner of the category ´Internationalisation.´. It has commercial offices in Peru, Chile and Argentina and has been able to install systems to provide more than 25,000 people with electricity. In the category ‘Energy Efficient Renovation of Buildings,’ the jury selected the architect M. Ángels Negre for the integral restoration of the students’ residence Mare Güell in the Sant Gervasi district in Barcelona. His work reduced the energy consumption in the residence by 48.6%. Tarpuna, the cooperative of sustainable initiatives, won the award in the ‘Sensitization’ category. In the category ‘Electric Mobility’ Estabanell Energía and Evectra Mobility Service received the price for their project Other winners included the Consejo Comarcal de Osona in the category ‘Local Area’ and the Grupo de Gestores Energéticos in the ‘Career’ category.


Los ganadores de los Premios de Excelencia Energética 2017


The jury also recognised the project e-Casa. This is a project carried out by several companies like Nissan, Panasonic, SUD, Ampere Energy, Smartflower, the Clúster de eficiencia energética de Cataluña and the Associación Volt-tour. Together they have developed an energy efficient and sustainable house.

The Municipality of Santa Perpètua de Mogoda and the Asociación de Municipios del eje de la Riera de Caldes (the Association of the Riera de Caldes towns) were winners in the ‘Electric Mobility’ category. We are proud to say that SocialForest received a mention of honour in the category sensitization. In this category the most important criteria was the creativity and originality of the activity, as well as the impact achieved.

WhatsApp Image 2017-03-09 at 09.39.07.jpeg


At SocialForest we are very active on social networks like twitter and facebook and on our blog, where articles, videos and images about climate change and sustainability are published.

We not only use the Internet to share information, we also inform our SocialForesters about clean energy like the biomass and its importance in the future in the training we provide. We believe it is necessary that people know more about climate change and its consequences, so that everyone participates in the fight against it.





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