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Our love, care as well as professional and sustainable conduct with forests is not limited to Catalonia. Germany also has forests that need to be cared for, cultivated and managed – and all that in a sustainable way. Social Forest has been working in Germany with various forestry projects every year since 2014. Within these projects, the Social Forest team of forestry workers demonstrated their expertise as required in a wide variety of activities, such as  reforestation,  thinning and natural regeneration selection.

Work was carried out in various German forest areas in 2019 as well. This time, the program included reforestation work and preparation of the planting area, pruning, mowing, promotion of the natural rejuvenation of oak and care for young planted trees. Our esteemed team members Rubén and Pablo told us about their experience working in Germany in late summer 2019!


“We had worked at Social Forest for a few months and were very happy with the work when Joachim told us about a new project that was going to be carried out in Germany.

When Joachim told us that we had the opportunity to work abroad for a few weeks, we were thrilled. For us it was incredible that Social Forest gave us the opportunity to try the work we like in another country.

After getting to know the colleagues we were going to be working with over the next few weeks and they had explained to us how to cut high quality fir and larch trees, we started our work with great enthusiasm.


Climbing up a ladder attached to a tree at a height of 8 meters was awe-inspiring, if not scary. But the feeling we had was not only fear, but also joy to be able to see and understand the forest around us from such a height. Like all work, with a little bit of time and practice it went more smoothly. After a few days we managed to do 15-20 trees a day.

With a chainsaw and brush cutter we were also able to perform other tasks very precisely. This work also included the felling of large trees, where we were able to learn and improve cutting techniques.

We not only have a job that we like and feel comfortable in, we also have the possibility to work in Germany. It’s a great opportunity for us.”

- Rubén García and Pablo Javier Martinez


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The success of our annual projects in Germany is also thanks to the wonderful cooperation with the Forestry Service Ihrig, located in Odenwald. The competent team around Sven Ihrig shares our passion to value the forest with everything it offers people and to maintain it accordingly, as well as our commitment to carrying out our work competently and conscientiously.

At Social Forest, we plan to expand our presence in Germany and look forward to many more projects with partners who share our mission of sustainable forest management. If you want to know what a cooperation with us could look like, do not hesitate to contact us!


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