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A tiresome topic, yet too present to not address: The Corona virus. Because of the necessary restrictions it brings at the moment, it now affects us all. Also for healthy people it brings stress, tension and worries due to the magnitude and unpredictability of the situation. And just at such a time, when a trip into nature, even if it is only a short walk in the woods, would be salutary for the soul, we should not or are not allowed to go outside.

Our recommendation as an alternative for the relaxation of body and soul: Why not bring the forest a little bit closer to your home! Find a cosy place in the house – your favourite place, maybe next to a window, maybe you have some plants there.

Have you found your place? Then close your eyes and think of your last really beautiful and relaxing trip into nature. Where are you? Who are you with, or maybe you are enjoying this moment alone? What do you see around you? Look at the ground you are walking on, turn once around your own axis, look up – do you see the sky or maybe a canopy of leaves? What do you smell? Listen for sounds – do you hear the wind rustling in the leaves, maybe an animal or a crunch under your feet when you take a step? And most importantly: Think back to how you felt when you were there in nature.

Embrace and relive that feeling, let the memories enchant you. If the pictures in your head let you down a bit, just get inspired by the pictures here in the blog, or take a virtual walk through the forest with the video below.


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Virtual Walk Through The Forest


We wish everyone a lot of strength and balance in these oppressive times. In any case, we will not let it get us down!

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